Monday, October 1, 2012

His first week as a 20 year old...

Hello again! So Josh titled his email with something from a movie our family loves, That Thing You Do. The quote is "Captain Geech and the Shrimp Shack Shooters." I have no idea who that group actually was, but they're referred to in the movie and it's pretty funny. Anyways, Josh is 20 now (?!), and he had quite the week. Enjoy! Also, I have no idea why the writing below is so messed up, all I know is that it is what is it...

Hey all,

I had to take a survery today, so time is a little short. I need to get a haircut still, too, but there is plenty of time. For the record, if I ever don't write, it's because we're either doing something as a zone that is awesome and far away, or I am getting transferred. So if you don't get an email, that's why. I had a crazy week this week.

First off, the packages were the greatest things every, but I'm worried you're gonna make me fat. But not really, but sort of. On my birthday, so many people fed me, and I think I ingested 4000 calories, so I'm taking it easy these next couple of days with the food. My birthday was good, we had cake at our district meeting, I ate for free at a restaurant in the mall here (the mall here is super nice, Quicento), then we went and worked. We had a cita planned with the family that we baptized, and it turned out that Elder Richimong planned a surprise party for me with me. We ate so much food, I could barely walk. But it was good.  I loved your cards, letters, and packages ,and your voice messages. I put them on my recorder and listened to them later. I recorded me eating the Captain, but it looks like it isn't attaching. I have a picture of my stash. Everything you sent was great, I have a ton left and haven't touched most of it yet. Thank you so much, and I am now officially 20! Woo!

Cheney fam, thanks so much for your package. When I can find time, I'll write you guys your own special letter, but thank you so much for your love and support. Brother Cheney, your letter was perfect for me, thanks so much.

Steve-o, got your letter today, and I'l try to get the picture you want sent off today, but the internet is being funny today. I'll do my best, keep the letters and support coming, I love hearing from you. I live por la ecuatoriana, near a store called the Pan Quemado. Love that bread. If you want to find where I am, I'm right there every day. Quito is great, I'm loving it more and more every day. Thanks for the letter, it was so awesome to finally hear from you. Keep them coming!

As for the rest of you who profess to love me and have yet to write me a letter, get your act together. (Cough cough Jensens cough cough) Ebberts too, what the heck! Congrats on your baptism, Lawson, but not writing letters can classify as a sin, and we  want to keep you clean for as long as we can. 

.. I'm super excited for GenCon, and I think the gringos can watch it in English, if not, I can handle the Spanish. Spanish gets better every day, the Latinos call me the Latino in my district, but I have a lot to improve on still. I finished Alma this morning, and am now in Helamán in the Libro de Mormón. I'll finish it in the next couple of weeks.

We've had a lot of service opportunities this week, which is great. I may or may not have watch part of The Incredible Hulk during one service, but what could I do?

I really miss movies, I see them all the time here cause they're all released illegally here.I know when a movie is about to hit theaters in the US because people have a movie I haven't heard of yet here haha. 

We lost the Tito family this week , they said they're going back to their old  church, which is great, but we've spent so much time with them and they know that the Church is true. It 's so sad to know that we probably can't help them much anymore, and can't see them as often. We were supposed to have a baptism this Saturday, the father of the family we baptized the week before, but he didn't show up, which was also sad. These two things really put a damper on my week, starting Friday, and I'm still pretty sad. Plus I lost one of my plaques, but I ordered two more today. I need your prayers this week, it's been tough these last couple of days.

What more, what more. The apartment is almost clean, we're almost, almost there. It hasn't been cleaned in months all the way, so there is always more to do. My bed is so-so, I obught a new pillow today to use with my awesome pillowcase you guys sent. Thanks for the Topsail Island shirt, I was gonna ask for one! I can't think of much more, today has been pretty crazy, and I didn't get much time to think about what to write. I'm gonna call it a day, and send some pictures if the computer works. Love you guys! And keep sending quotes, they're great that you've sent. Love you all, and talk to you in a week! If you're feeling sad and miss me, listen to I'll be Home for Christmas or Homeward Bound, they'll help ;) Love you tons, until next week!

Con amor,

Elder Thomas

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