Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Josh in Peru MTC

Another email from Elder Thomas--he's been gone for 7 weeks now! Enjoy!

Hey all,
How are you all doing? Everything here is great, but I´m getting super anxious to leave. When I first got here, it was like going to Hogwarts, but now it´s more like not Hogwarts. I know I still have tons I need to learn, but I´m at the point where I feel like I could learn more in the field than I can learn here. I´m doing my best to have fun here, though, trying to have fun with everything. The Latino district is super fun, and super helpful. I can understand pretty well now when they speak full speed, and I´m able to talk faster and faster every day. The thing it´s really helping with is vocabulary. Seriously, it´s awesome, I pick up dozens of words a day. It´s nice too because Elder Stanley and I are able to help out The Latinos a lot since we´ve had six weeks to learn what they have to cover in three. Everyone is fun in the district and they are all great. There are four hermanas in the district, too, and they are all really short. Elder Stanley can be on his knees and still be taller than them. Really, really fun.

I had no idea the Olympics even started already, but today when we were at the store we "accidentally" caught a glimpse of a tennis match. From your emails, it sounds like everything is going well and they´re pretty fun to watch. How dare Kobe and LeBron make such claims, blasphemers. I hope you´re enjoying being able to watch them though, it´s so much fun to see so many good athletes compete. It was nice to finally get out of the CCM today, we didn´t get to go out on Saturday since there was a new batch of missionaries here. This Saturday it´ll be just Elder Stanley and I, maybe with a member, walking the streets and teaching. If I die, don´t be sad. Just kidding, worst case scenario is I get stabbed and hospitalized. NO worries! Going along with that, Mom, you´ve been reminding me to wear sunscreen, and I´ve come up with a good system to not need any! I call it "controlled sunburn" where I give myself a small sunburn and then wait a couple days. When the skin tans, I repeat the process. It´s working great, and I have maybe three sketchy looking moles, so nothing to worry about!
 I love your letters, keep sending them. Especially now that I don´t get them too often in Peru, it´s super exciting to get one and be able to read it. Thanks too for all of your emails, but I really don´t have enough time right now in the CCM or the stamps to respond individually. I read them all though, and thank you so much for your words of encouragement.

I miss my Captain Crunch. We´re having a peanut butter party today, but it´s just not the same without the Captain there. One day I´ll be able to enjoy the peanut enriched crunch that I´ve come to grow and love. I miss lots of other things too, like Sun Chips, but the food is good enough here to keep me satisfied. Have you ever had horse? Cause I sure have! How about guinnea pig? Guilty! Last Saturday was a national holiday here and they had a big fancy lunch with traditional Peruvian food, and it was actually really good. Horse is super, super tough meat though. You know that you´re growing to have a unique food palette when someone tells you you´re eating a horse and your consumption rate doesn´t falter for a second. I didn´t even know I had guinnea pig until after lunch, so I think it tastes like chicken, because that´s what I thought I was eating.

Nothing too out of the ordinary happened this week in the CCM. Like I said, I´m pretty bored some days in here and am super ready to get to Ecuador. It´ll come faster than I know it though, and then it´ll be full speed ahead. I´ve had some really great study sessions this week though. I´ve been reading through the Book of Mormon in Spanish, and I really love it. It´s almost like reading it for the first time since it´s in a new language. I read Mosiah 3 and 4 today, and those chapters are so good. I love reading them because it reminds me how we will always be in debt to God for the things He´s done for us. It´s also so important for us to help others out, and I´m excited that I can do that for the next two years. I love reading the scriptures. I wish I had enough time to write about the things I studied this week, but it would take up too much of the time I have (9 minutes now). In the field I´ll start writing more about that stuff. I really love it when you guys include things you´ve studied in your emails and letters--it´s really fun to read what you guys have learned and how you guys have grown. Keep it up!

Con amor,
Elder Thomas

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