Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Josh is really in Ecuador now!

   Elder Thomas flew to Ecuador today--he even called!! It was so nice to talk to him.

   He is really happy, healthy and excited to be in Ecuador. Josh told us that Elder Holland (a member of the 12 apostles for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) is going to be in Ecuador in a few days. Josh will be able to hear Elder Holland speak! How awesome is that?!

   Also, Josh told us that in his last email, he had attached a large audio file for us to listen to, and we suspect that it was too big of a file to send..so there's the explanation for our lack of an email last week.

  Anyways, Josh sent a quick email once he got into Ecuador..here it is!

Hey all,
I made it and I´m safe! It´s beautiful here, so much more color and life than in Peru. The mission president and his wife are awesome, and we´re having fun just hanging around their apartment right now, having interviews and eating. Tomorrow we find out companions, and we go to our new areas. Mondays are p days, I only have 5 minutes right now to write, so I´ll send pictures and write more on Monday. I love you guys, and I´m happy and safe! President Holland comes in 11 days and the whole mission is coming to see him. I gotta get off, hopefully the last email worked now, and I´ll write more on Monday! Love you guys tons, and sorry I couldn´t talk long this morning, I did what I could. Love you!
Con amor,
Elder Thomas

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