Saturday, July 28, 2012

Josh in Peru MTC

Sorry that I posted later than usual--I was at camp--anyways, I hope you enjoy Josh's letter and pictures. I know I do!

Hey all,
I´m glad to hear everything is well! Our teachers told us about the Batman shooting in Colorado, so so sad. They said it was all over the news here too. So tragic, so sad. I hope that people are recooperating from it okay. I´ve heard it´s super good, and can´t wait to hear your report/ see it. Keep a list of all the movies I miss so we can have a good marathon when I´m home.
Today we went on the tour of Lima. It was so fun and super pretty. I´ll download what pictures I can today with the time I have. We got churros off the street which were delicious here, and went to Pizza Hut for lunch at the end, which is like a fancy restaurant here. Holy cow. That was the best thing that has happened to me in the MTC. That pizza was like heaven, I miss pizza so much. It made me crave pizza at Dan´s house. I´m acutally not doing too too bad missing food from back home, a few things I miss, but the food here is great. What´s killing me is not being able to really play basketball. They have outdoor courts, but they´re old and not very good. I really miss just going down to the church even and shooting around for a bit. It´s actually made me pretty sad. I still run a ton around the campus and do AB Ripper, plus I´ve gotten a lot better at soccer. We got soccer jerseys today, authentic ones, and they´re super cool. I got a Peru one and a Holland one (it´s orange and has a lion on it, why not?) and I´ll get another one for Ecuador when I get to the country. Super fun day, best day yet. We saw the equivalent of the White House here, plus several cathedrals and old buildings. I wanted to get a bunch of stuff, but my teacher who served in Ecuador said we can get the same stuff for less, so I´ll wait to get a lot of what I consider South American stuff.
Nick got here last night! In fact, he is sitting right next to me. It´s fun to have him here, and we´ll have a fun three weeks together. The district is doing a lot better,and we´re having a lot of fun together. I´m moving to a Latino district tomorrow though. They treat me just like I´m a Latino and don´t slow down for me, and we don´t go over grammar in class anymore. Elder Stanley is moving up with me, and we´re companions together in that class, which means on Saturdays when we go proselyting, it´ll be him and me together. Yikes. It´ll be a really fun experience. This last Saturday was great again, I placed my first Book of Mormon as a missionary, and we got several inactive members to come to church on Sunday. We don´t go this Saturday, but the following two we´ll be proselyting again. It´s so fun to go out and do it. We speak with the poorest of poor, and they are just so happy and humble. It´s just such a great experience, I love seeing how people in such humble circumstances seem to be happier than many people with tons of money in the US. Such a cool thing to experience.
Our Latinos left this week, and Tuesday is was just 20 North Americans with the CCM to themselves. It was fun, we basically just played soccer all day. I don´t love soccer, but I´m not too bad at it. I usually run around the field for 25ish minutes then play soccer for the rest. The Latinos are obsessed with it. Our new Latinos always ask us about soccer right away, it´s insane. There was a big riot a week or two ago after a local soccer game and there were gunshots and crazy stuff going on. This weekend is a national holiday in Peru, so that´s probably another good reason why we aren´t going proselyting this Saturday. It will certainly not be safe. I feel like my flow isn´t good in this letter--my bad. I´m super tired. All the new people got in in the middle of the night, plus we had to get up early to go to the temple before we started the tour. Sorry if this is super jumbled.
Also, I forgot I had that voice recorder thing. Next week I´ll record some stuff and send the files so that I can tell you more than I could write with 30 minutes. I always have a ton I want to tell you about, but I get maybe a third of it in the letter. Our new roommates are from Chile and Ecuador. Chileans talk so fast, it´s nuts. It´ll be good practice to talk with him though--I feel like if I can understand him, I can understand anyone. Also, more teachers in the CCM should talk like really old Latino women. Honestly, for the life of me, I cannot understand them when we´re tracting. We´ll knock on a door and there´ll be music playing loudly, and they whisper. Come on, throw me a bone. Do I not look white enough? Clearly you need to speak up. I´ll keep getting better, though. These next three weeks will be kind of a review for me since we´ll cover in three weeks what we were suppposed to do in 9, so I´m gonna really push myself with learning vocabulary these next few weeks. I want Spanish to start seeming easier than English by the time I leave. Sometimes I do find that it´s easier to say some things in Spanish, which is great for me.

Elder Thomas

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