Tuesday, March 4, 2014

(As Phil Dunphy answers his cell phone) "What's Yo Yo Ma's favorite instrument? Cello!"

Hey all,

Well, this week has been a disaster! I don't really have that much to write today. I'll write more on Saturday.

We were gone all week, we spent one day in Quito. Tuesday through Friday morning, we were in Ibarra and Otavalo to do interviews with our mission president. They went well. We did the training that we do during the interviews 14 times, so we were getting kind of sick of doing it. It was nice to be done with the interview month. I can't believe that it's March already.

We got back on Friday with bad news from President. We had heard about various things going on, and with some planning and the help of some great missionaries, we discovered something very bad going on. We've been occupied pretty much every minute since Friday night trying to end this in the mission. It's almost done, we're just tying up some loose ends in the stories and the testimonies of the missionaries. It is a very cool story how everything worked out, but it would be more appropriate to save it until I finish my mission. For now, there is no reason for anyone outside of the group involved to know the details. But, the Lord blessed us and guided us, and we somehow whipped out an almost flawless operation, we would make good spies. But, it's all thanks to the Lord that it's working out. We've fasted twice now, hoping to help President know what the correct decisions are to take. Just always be so sure to fill your lives, your spirits and you thoughts with light, nothing else. Only the light that comes from Christ and the Gospel will make us truly happy. That's all I've got to say on that for now.

I hope that all is going well with you back home. Nikki, I hope that your birthday was a good one. I hope that everything that you're doing in life makes you feel the light of the Gospel.

I'll write more on Saturday. I don't have too much to write about all this, sorry that it is short.

Con amor,

Elder Thomas

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