Monday, January 28, 2013

Happy Monday! So Josh got transferred and is a district leader in the new area. He's getting a new companion to train and is feeling a bit overwhelmed, but as all of us know, he will do his best and conquer the task at hand. His title this week was "'Excuse me, are you the singing bush?' Ned Needleander"..that's a quote from The Three Amigos, a classic. Enjoy!

Hey everyone,

I don't have much time to write. I don't know anything about my sector. Neither do the Zone Leaders. I get my new companion on Wednesday. The old missionaries didn't do anything with the area book, so not much to play with there. I was in my house for about 30 minutes today, and I won't be back till Wednesday, so I'll unpack then. We're in the biggest zone in the mission, 19 missionaries and the asistants/secretaries, but everyone says that they don't count. I'll be the leader of six missionaries. We'll probably be contacting all week, nothing more than that until we can find some people. I'm pretty scared, to be honest. But, fear and faith can't coexist, so I'll put all of my faith in the Lord and trust that He will lead us to the people that are ready to hear us. I'm a little frustrated, to be honest. I left GuamanĂ­ with 8 people ready to be baptized, and in this month, they'll have all 8. I guess the Lord is just helping me to work harder and to build my faith more to find His children that need our help. This transfer will only be four weeks to fix the new MTC schedule for all the missionaries since they will be there 30% less now. The missionaries that go home this year go home two weeks early since this transfer is shorter, and I think that that means that I'll be home 2 weeks early too, but I'm not positive. I have 6 minutes more to write, so I'll write better next week. But I feel really overwhelmed. But, the good thing is, that one of the missionaries in my district is from my group, and he was with me almost all of my time in Chillogallo, so it'll be great to be with him. His sector has the US Embassy, so there are gringoes that cook American food. I will be doing divisions there a lot. I love you all, pray lots for me, and I'll talk to you all in a week. Oh, and Elder Sanchez is still in GuamanĂ­, junior companion... Love you all tons.

Con amor,

Elder Thomas

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  1. Nikki- This is a wonderful blog! Thanks so much for sharing with all of us!
    Auntie Pam